Top reasons restaurants should invest in direct mail marketing

Top reasons restaurants should invest in direct mail marketing

Customers are the lifeblood of businesses. And to restaurants, their clientele is not only consumers of food but also sources of profit and high return on investment (ROI). It's important to keep the line of customers going, but in a world where everything is going digital, how do you reach potential customers in the most effective way?

It’s easy for your banner advertisement to get ignored on the internet, and promotional emails could get your marketing materials flagged as spam, so these might not be enough. This is where direct mail marketing can help.

Direct mail marketing is the act of making and sending of physical advertising materials through postal mail. Businesses from various industries make use of it to reach potential clients and turn them into loyal customers.

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Let’s take a look at the top reasons why restaurants should spend on direct mail campaigns:

#1. Your direct mail serves as a reminder about the restaurant

Food advertisements are everywhere, even online, where restaurants are competing with other businesses for people’s attention. As such, users tend to ignore what they see on the internet, hence restaurant ads fail to gain attention or recall.

However, by sending direct mail materials, restaurant owners can give a physical reminder about their business. It facilitates recall the same way as handing out promotional postcardsdoes: once potential customers see the postcard in their wallets or in their inbox later on, they will remember to use it. This already gives restaurant owners an advantage over competitors.

#2. Customers trust printed materials more

Technology has revolutionized the way we do things. Almost everyone today owns a smartphone they can use to browse the internet. Advertisers have taken this opportunity to put up ads on websites and social media sites through digital marketing.

However, when you put up an ad online and put the same on print via a newspaper or journal, the latter is more likely to generate better results. This is because, to most people, putting an online ad can be done by anyone. Most people don’t trust the ads they see online, and they often associate these with malware, identity theft, and fraud. Hence, more people are shying away from it and turning to the printed word for credibility.

#3. Consumers look to direct mail for restaurant deals

Consumers appreciate it when businesses send them exclusive offers and coupons along with their direct mail material. This is because consumers feel special when a certain establishment goes out of their way to send them actual items, which also save them money along the way. This approach creates a more personal touch.

Providing printed coupons also increases the chances for the business and the potential customer to have a good relationship. Remember that for consumers, nothing beats receiving discount coupons in the mail, compared to just receiving them online.

#4. Postcards about new food items draw customer attention

Many consumers enjoy seeing an advertisement for something new being offered on the market, like a restaurant's latest food offering. The idea that the item is “new” draws their curiosity and attention, making them more likely to try the product. And through direct mail, restaurants can reach out better to potential clients.

Let’s say that you want to hype a new menu item. With direct mail, you can send Mail It Direct’s credit card-thick plastic postcards and customize them to include pictures of your new food offering, along with an invitation to try it out. When your potential clients receive the material, their interest will immediately be piqued, making them more likely to visit your restaurant and try the new product.

#5. Direct mail can complement digital marketing

While direct mail marketing is an efficient way to reach your target market, it doesn’t have to be the only strategy you should use.

You can combine direct mail with your digital marketing campaign to interact with your audience in multiple ways. For instance, you can send direct mail postcards offering the recipients a hefty discount on their next order if they interact with your brand on social media.

When you combine direct mail and digital marketing, you drive your restaurant’s growth potential in terms of customers and profit.

Your restaurant can benefit from the power of direct mail to boost your revenue. Through our STRONG mailers credit card-thick plastic postcards, your marketing materials are sure to stand out from the competition, ensuring more customers for your business. Interested? Drop us a line today to learn more.