Informed Delivery

What is Informed Delivery?

Informed delivery users will receive a scanned image of your incoming
direct mail advertisement via email, online dashboard, or mobile app. You
can choose to have a greyscale image of your mail piece shown, or add
supplemental content, and have a full color image shown.

How Does Informed Delivery Work?

U.S. Postal Service® leverages existing mail imaging processes to provide
digital previews of household mail to Informed Delivery subscribers.


Value of Campaigns

Informed Delivery offers a variety of benefits to advertisers who create campaigns.

Build Product /
Brand Awareness

Create Multiple

Drive Customer

Enhance Product

Increase ROI

Provide Data
For Analysis

What Type of Data is Shared?

Mail it Direct provides organizations with aggregate pre- and post-campaign data.

Density & Email Statistics

The number of users and the percentage of users who elect to receive Informed Delivery emails

Email Open Rates

The number and the percentage of emails opened during an Informed Delivery campaign

Click-Through Rates

The number and percentage of click-throughs – when a user interacts with digital content


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