Leave Direct Mail Graphic Designing To The Pros

Leave Direct Mail Graphic Designing To The Pros

Being able to save on costs is a big deal for any business. Scrimping a couple dollars on a certain expense means that your business will have more money to use for other important expenses, no matter how small or big, in the future.

Some companies can go too far with their goal of saving money, however. For instance, if an organization realizes that their electricity bills are too high, they might opt to turn off one of the air conditioning units to save money. However, if the office temperature rises and employees complain about the heat, this will lead to poor productivity, which will definitely cost the business more.

The same principle applies to your direct mail efforts. To save money, you might try to do everything yourself, from planning to designing to mailing, even if you lack the proper expertise. Having great direct mail designs, in particular, will allow you to convey your marketing message clearly and stand out from competitors. Many companies pay good money to ensure their designs are visually appealing, but there are some who don’t.

Here are a few reasons why spending money on design is worth it.

#1. Creating a good first impression is important

Let’s say you decided to do a direct mail postcard campaign on your own without any help from others. If you don’t have a staff that has the right experience in design and copywriting, you might end up with a promotional postcard riddled with typographical errors and inconsistent designs.

To leave a great first impression, create a direct mail that is professionally designed and makes your brand look trustworthy. Poorly designed direct mail may leave a bad impression on potential clients who might think that your products or services are not worth their money.

#2. Design affects customer response

To increase the chances of customers responding to your direct mail, it needs to have clear, compelling copy and a great design. Remember that your direct mail should be able to convert potential customers into new clients who will regularly consume your products and services.

#3. Poor design can cost time and money

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has rigid rules and regulations on how to prepare direct mail materials. By failing to design and package your mail according to their specifications, your mailing can be delayed or cost much more than what you have budgeted for.

In worst-case scenarios, the parcel could get rejected entirely. At this point, you will not only have to spend for the shipping fee of the item itself, but also for the redesigning and reprinting of your direct mail materials. If not done quickly, it will cost you precious time that could have been spent on reaching new customers.

How Mail It Direct can help

Design services might sound expensive for some businesses, but with Mail It Direct, it doesn’t have to be. Our graphic design experts will help you create the vision you want for your direct mail materials. We will work closely with you to produce the perfect design elements, layout, and color palette that you want for your mailers to gain new customers. Final outputs are turned over to you quickly so you can immediately distribute your marketing materials to your potential clients.

We also work closely with the USPS to ensure that your direct mail materials comply with their packaging rules and arrive as quickly as possible. Mail It Direct gets you the lowest postage rates possible by formatting your direct mail for automated bulk discounts. Not only that, we provide delivery service reports as soon as the USPS starts processing your parcels. This allows you to predict delivery times and bottlenecks.

Our services will ultimately save you money compared to doing your marketing materials all on your own.

It’s never too late to enjoy the benefits of direct mail. Mail It Direct makes it easy by providing you with seamless graphic design, list cleaning, mailing, and delivery tracking services that will allow you to reach as many potential clients as possible. Drop us a line today to learn more.