Mail Delivery Tracking

Ensure on-time delivery with real-time monitoring and reporting

Keep tabs on time-sensitive mailings to increase
their impact

So you just spent a hefty sum of money on a direct mail campaign. How do you make sure this investment reaches the intended receiver? How do you pinpoint areas for improvement and plan your next campaign more effectively? Mail It Direct has the answers.

We provide delivery service reports as your mailings are being processed by the USPS, allowing you to accurately predict delivery bottlenecks and trigger follow-up events based on when your mailers are delivered. With this valuable information you can ensure that your mailer has gotten to the right people at the right time

With Mail It Direct’s Mail Delivery Tracking, you get:

  • Secure access to the USPS’s tracking system
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard with delivery details
  • Comprehensive delivery performance reports

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