Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an integral part of any direct mail campaign. Our professional and skilled graphic designers are here to create your vision, or the vision you didn’t know you wanted until you saw it. We pride ourselves on the ability to work closely with our customers to come up with strong and compelling offers, and produce the perfect layout, color palette and design elements that bring your mailer to life.

  • Work directly with one of our graphic designers
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Access to over 1 million images for all industries

List Cleaning

Here at Mail It Direct, we offer full list cleaning services. Send us your customer list and we will scrub, dedupe, and merge the list to prepare for mailing. We use a USPS-licensed application to verify every address in your list, ensuring it is up to date with the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. Your list will then be pre-sorted to achieve the highest deliverability rate.

  • We'll clean your list in 48 hours or less
  • Merge your customer list with a prospect list
  • Every list will be CASS & NCOA Certified
List Cleaning

Mailing Services

Mailing Services

Time is money, and you’ll save both with Mail It Direct’s mailing services. We work closely with the USPS and our freight partner to ensure the quickest mail delivery possible. Mail It Direct can get you the lowest postage rates by formatting your direct mail for automated bulk discounts.

  • Not just a print shop. We'll mail your job too!
  • Dropship to USPS local hub to speed up delivery

Mail Delivery Tracking

Mail Delivery Tracking

We provide delivery service reports as your mailings are being processed by the USPS, allowing you to accurately predict delivery bottlenecks and trigger follow-up events based on when your mailers are delivered.

  • Secure access to USPS’s tracking system
  • An easy-to-understand dashboard with delivery details
  • Comprehensive delivery performance reports

Prospect List

Our professional mailing team will define potential prospects and create a mailing list that include demographics such as age, gender, income, presence of children, and new movers. We can also dig deeper to define areas of interest like sports, dining propensities, health and fitness, and many more unique characteristics. Reach your ideal demos by targeting carrier routes, zips codes, radius and even drive time.

Different jobs require different mailing strategies:


Filter your list down to a household level. Select specific demographics, buying habits, hobbies & more.


Looking to mail to entire carrier routes or zip codes? Our occupant list will do just that, and will allow you to include or exclude businesses.


Target executives, employees, and professionals nationwide. Filter businesses by gross annual sales, number of employees & more.

Real Estate

Homeownership and mortgage-related data

New Movers/Homeowners

Be the first to welcome new movers/homeowners to the neighborhood. This database is updated weekly!


The best automotive data in the country, with highly accurate auto information and comprehensive counts. Purchase with emails, phones, VINS & more!